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All parameters are required except for --excludeClasses which is optional. Hugo Barra saiu do grupo de desenvolvimento do Android para trabalhar na fabricante de smartphones chinesa Xiaomi. Substituições de classe e de métodoClass and method replacements As classes base do Android devem ser substituídas por seus equivalentes do MAM a final de habilitar o gerenciamento accomplish Intune. This jar is necessary only if your app performs reflection on classes deriving as of MAMActivity, and most apps accomplish not need to include it. You must be using account 3. If you do add in the version, it must be an exact version.

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This jar contains stubs for Android system classes which are present only on newer devices although which are referenced by methods in MAMActivity. The build classpath. Please carefully review the rest of this documentation for integration points relevant to your app. Activity, Fragment, ContentProvider, Service, etc. O ambiente de desenvolvimento integrado ou Ambiente de desenvolvimento integrado oficialmente suportado é o Cast a shadow on utilizando o plugin do Android ADT. The specific replacements basic are detailed below.

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