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Neste artigo, vemos que a verdadeira cultura de compliance é a chave para as horas acompañamiento de sucesso. In this article we see that the true culture of compliance is the key to success overtime. All the rage this article we show some public policies in Latin America that promote high taxes on gambling without taking into account that the activity is an industry that generates employment after that growth not only for the gaming sector but also for hospitality. Neste artigo, analisamos o impacto econômico do jogo sobre o turismo e os impulsionadores das despesas de consumo, que é um ponto de aprendizagem para os futuros resorts integrados com cassinos no Brasil. Impostos do jogo:

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All the rage this article we see so as to the true culture of acquiescence is the key to accomplishment overtime. Brazil expects big investments with the approval of the gaming draft laws. In this article we show some broadcast policies in Latin America so as to promote high taxes on betting without taking into account so as to the activity is an activity that generates employment and advance not only for the betting sector but also for hospitality. In this article we analyze the gaming economic impact on tourism and the drivers of consumer spending which boost the economy employment, investment and accuse collection which is a learning point for future casino included resorts in Brazil and going to place of interest growth. Gaming taxes and activity creation: Gaming taxes: Impostos accomplish jogo: Brazil has a absolute opportunity to learn best practices from other countries tax systems to become a model of regulatory framework overtime.

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